KOLBUS KM600-21-GATHERING ZU804-36-HD151P with full line

+ KOLBUS PERFECT BINDER MODEL KM600 Year 2014 (21 CLAMPS) + KOLBUS ROTARY GATHERING MODEL ZU804/36 1998 (36 STATION) + KOLBUS THREE SIDE TRIMMER HD151P YEAR 1998 • Complete Kolbus line including: Gatherer ZU804 *1 *2 Binder KM600 KOLBUS 3-60 Service Portal Computer 2x PUR adhesive pre-melter (Nordson MC21MOD)*3 1x Cooling Tower XFA660 (1x Spliter TR160 * Optional ) 1x Three Knife Trimmer HD151P Conveyor system FS-E (Ceiling Crane * Optional ) *1: Each station has Optigraph BKS-1/36 Camera. *2: One of three air vacuum pump has been removed, therefore, about 24 stations are at work. If one more KTA-140 pump can be installed, all 36 stations will be available for use. *3: Pre-melter: For PUR only. Can not use other hot-melt glue.
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Manufacturer and Model KOLBUS KM600-21-GATHERING ZU804-36-HD151P with full line
Year KM600/21 = 2014, ZU804/36 = 1998, HD151P = 1998
Max. Book size 320 x 383 x 60 mm
Min. Book size 105 x 105 x 3mm
Book Thickness
Clamp / Station 21
Speed (books per Hour)