Chen Chin TSF-1100


Anilox Coating Machine
UV and IR Dryer
Machine used for test purpose, total usage is very less.
Made in Taiwan,
Installed in Japan with Japanese quality requirement


High Speed Sheet-Fed Gravure press
Mode: TSF-1100
1.     Max. machine speed: 8000 sheet /hour.
2.     Max. sheet size: 1100mm X 800mm
3.     Max. Printed area: 1090mm X 790mm
4.     Paper weight: 80g/m2-450g/m2
5.     The machine body is made from high tenacity casting iron; structure is strong, running stably & quiet.
6.     High speed paper feeder with smooth paper feeding.
7.     Stable rocking paper transmitting mechanism which is able to transmit the printing sheet correctly.
8.     New patented fast printing plate changing mechanism.
9.     Color process accurately which is suitable for multi color process in printing.
10.Circulation filtering oil sprinkle type lubrication system which is suitable for long time running.
11.With micro-processor electronic control system.
12. Drying system after printing can be extended as per customer’s demand.
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Product Code NEW
Manufacturer and Model Chen Chin TSF-1100
Year 2018
Max. Paper size 1100mm X 800mm
Max. Coating size 1090mm X 790mm
Speed 4,000SpH
Delivery Immediate