Sakurai Oliver 466SIP

466 SIP
4 colors
Year 2002

Maximum paper size (mm) 660 X 470
Minimum Paper Size (mm) 297 X 200(4/0)
                                            297 x 257 (2/2)
Maximum print size (mm) 650 X 460(4/0)
                                            650 x 450 (2/2)
Print speed (IPH)                 4,000 – 15,000 (4/0)
                                            4,000 – 13,000 (2/2)
Paper thickness (mm) 0.04 to 0.4
Plate size (mm) 650 X 550
Output paper stacking amount (mm) 600
Paper stacking amount (mm) 580
980 (with option)
Mechanical Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 5,597 X 2,268 X 2,078
Machine mass (kg) 12,700
Power requirement (kW) 22.0 (SIP)

     ・Paper size preset device
     ・Suction tape feeder
     ・Static eliminator
     ・Front register detection sensor
     ・Side register detection sensor
     ・Ultrasonic double sheet prevention device
     ・Mechanical double sheet prevention device
     ・Automatic ink roller cleaning device
     ・Variable number of ink calls
     ・Continuous water supply device
     ・SPC/automatic plate changer
     ・Automatic plate cylinder registration device
     ・Automatic cocking device
     ・Automatic printing pressure adjustment device
     ・Automatic reverse switching device (SIP only)
     ・Semi-pile delivery device
     ・Electric suction wheel moving device
     ・Electric stacking tray lifting device
     ・Spray device
     ・Curl prevention device
     ・DTC-I type color console
     ・ SCC-Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ type color console (independent type)
     Automatic blanket cleaning equipment
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Product Code J60110-1
Manufacturer and Model Sakurai Oliver 466SIP
Year 2002
Max. Paper Size 660 X 470mm
Max. Printing Size
Colors 4
Speed MAX. 15,000 (13,000 WHEN PRINTING DOUBLE SIDE)
Paper Thickness 0.04 ~ 0.4 MM
Total Counter
Scheduled delivery immediate