MITSUBISHI DAIYA 3F-5 Long Deliver with UV


MITSUBISHI 3F-5 Long Delivery 
Year 1989
Colors 5
Description: Auto plate changer, cocking, plate register, API remote ink control, Continuous alcohol dampening, Job memory preset, side lay, impression thickness preset, Ink roller chiller Blanket washer, impression washer, Eco UV x 4 lamp at delivery, Bender Puncher & spare rollers available

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Product Code NEW
Manufacturer and Model MITSUBISHI DAIYA 3F-5 Long Deliver with UV
Year 1989
Max. Paper Size 720 X 1020mm (28 x 40 inch)
Max. Printing Size 1020 x 710 mm
Colors 5 Colors with UV
Speed 13,000
Paper Thickness 0.2 - 0.8mm
Total Counter 372 Million
Scheduled delivery Immediate